Select the brake pads

brake padsBrake pads are the main working mechanism of the braking system, with their help a braking acceleration is created. Qualitative serviceable brakes works long and reliably, provide safety drum, brake disc. The block includes a friction pad and the frame, through which the braking is done. The composition of the components making up the friction pad include over 15 includes names, properties of brake lining depend on the percentage of some of them. All components of the friction mixture, are mixed in a certain proportion, and joined by a special binder resins, pressed under high temperature.

Key symptom of braking system is the typical screeching of brakes of the car by pressing the pedal, the vehicle changes its course under braking, vibration of the brake pedal is noticeable. Yelp is the first sign of high wear of pads working surface, the reason is that the soft metal wears on the brake disc.