Liquid glass for cars.

Liquid glass for carsLiquid glass for the car can be sold in a different forms. There are special containers with liquid, which should be applied to the body surface and wait for the drying – part crystallizes and forms a glossy surface.

Before polishing by liquid glass car should be clean and dry. The surface shouldn‘t has dirt and grease. Some manufacturers recommend to clean with the brand means then the effect of the liquid glass will be more pronounced. Shampoo for cleaning should have a degreasing effect and does not contain wax. Typically, kits for polishing by liquid crystal contain the necessary components for the treatment of the body.

After workup and drying the liquid glass is applied to the vehicle itself. Typically, the composition is poured on the sponge and rub surface. After 1-2 minutes, wipe the body with a damp cloth. Next you need to leave the car to dry.

It is worth remembering that it is not recommended immediately after polishing journeyed. The minimum time after which you can carry out the ride (and only in dry weather) – 1 hour. Also after application within three days you can not wash the car.