2005 Chrysler Town and Country – Review

2005 Chrysler Town and CountryWith manufactures finding more and more ways to make the minivan a more versatile vehicle the originators of this form Chrysler. Full yet another trick out of their hat and it’s on display here in their new 2005 Town and Country the minivan segment is ultra competitive you might have the best product on the market one day only to be trumped by the competition the next. And with the introduction of stone go seating Chrysler has elevated the minivan wars another notch. This ingenious idea should finally put an end as to what to do with the seats in a minivan when you need the space for cargo no more were moving heavy seats in the new town and country limited and available in other Chrysler minivans the still window seat easily, and mean easily fall flat into the floor creating, a flat loading area from the front seats rearward and when you’re not using the still feature you can use the holes in the floor for hidden storage.

I use the system many times during my test week and want to live with it there’s no going back and now that the old town and country is here look for Honda and others to copy this feature Pronto another great seating feature I love is the third row bench that turns around to offer tailgate seating for the driving again the motion is easy there’s nothing difficult to learn here the rest of the new town and country is just a smart, and utterly complete in its conveniences. This is the first mini van. I’ve driven with the navigation system it’s a perfect vehicle for one so what’s taken so long there is power everything sliding doors tailgate you name it there’s, also a DVD player with wireless headphones for people in the rear and while in those seats you. Slide for an Afghan recline your seat and pulled her arm rest it’s the closest thing to being on a nice charter buses you’ll find another new feature is this available sliding overhead console boxes for storage.

I didn’t see the usefulness in this but other manufactures are doing it too so someone must want it there is tri zone electronic climate control, with rear seats specific controls, a nifty cell phone holder, that flipped out of the center console leather seats, a sweet stereo system with, a 6 disc CD changer. Nice led tail lights and 2000 Chrysler Town and Country headlight assembly. Comfortable seats and driving position the body of the town in countries but fresh in 2 with more elegance to the front face here also the TNC gets the more powerful V6 engine making 205 horse power with the 4 speed automatic the driving dynamics still aren’t as engaging as a Honda Odyssey, but they’re pretty good in the overall package is great a material if you’ve got the 36000 a spend a limited model it will reward you on a daily basis with its never ending list of thoughtful features and innovations.