2014 Ford Escape review

Once again here with these automatic grief and shock often exerting the highest rated dealership and little I’m. And you can find my To over 2 So if you’re in the market. Very fuel efficient SUV will check out this 2014 Ford Escape. As you can see this thing is really mention chat black in color in a massive Daljit have Lancelot occupy on the star kind. Baldwin Sudanese as well as whatever comes of visibility purposes this year that’s got you covered very tasteful chrome strip just right along the front there really bring out that Ford badging. Regular exercise you do the 17 inch chrome clad wheels for the allies had life of the tires. 2.4 liter inline 4 engine intrusion amazing fuel efficiency as well as he did things blind spot mirrors located inside your majesty the accent visibility what is behind you and every aspect at all times which makes a very safe. Over here on your driver’s side door you are sub humans entry pad.

2014 Ford Escape

Making Ryan cited this as he was very comfortable and very accommodating you have all the talk on technology you’re looking for gossip is the lights him cloth seats of the darker tanned religious trimming them giving them some you know some values some just and good looks. You have to have a good look in the seats. Make your way to your steering wheel you do have all of your media controls the rate over here but playability showing audio controls cruise controls cluster intro spread out the information center which is very very easy to find as well make armchair meaty sorry about 4.2 inch display screen Yasser piercing fried to a Microsoft just hands free was clean cation system that media center is equipped with a backup camera with assist lines help navigate you in the direction you chose choose when backing up. Make your way down CD stereo this does of Sirius XM radio choose subscribe to those features as as you have all the climate controls very nicely displayed underneath they’re very easy to get to as well. Additional information Ford Escape headlights see at http://delight-style.com/ford-escape/headlights.html.

interior Ford Escape

Events and religious pushed up and that’s kind of cool place to put bands because you can’t really see it very colostomy defrost settings this is an automatic IMAX stick 12 all the seed after very spacious announced it offers all the room you need for maybe drinks. And I’m very suspicious of the consulates tray is available and offers a USB port an auxiliary for by invited there and has plenty of space for you to store all of your belongings that you so choose to put up in the front seat yeah into the back end debts at their people very comfortably missteps hold out for more Cup holders which is really nice lobbies sees them very well cushioned so they’re very comfortable about here which is awesome specially nephew as adults name back your vehicle probably seen after and my storage area underneath here. Person opportunity the store even more in of your belongings research to back pockets one on either side of the back of this vehicle.

Making his way towards a very bad kids you have. You as the magic which is your packages Roger ego boost for what I badging. This also has killed center into the vehicle making it very easy to get into the back of the speed of light as well in its super super spacious back you can deathly fed all those things you like to take with you special something back to schools coming on right now this is an awesome vehicle for a mom because you could relate to all your kids belongings right side here given a school get them is hotter practice or anything they really need to in style and with fuel efficiency severe and just send us as he be our any recipe is please visit our website out loud when he’s.com architect entertain acre my daughter all the.