2006 Honda crv headlight bulb

Hey guys that I am showing you how to replace your headlights when you’re 97 to 2006 Honda CRV. The first thing you want to do to get there and remove the grail. And then we’re gonna need to remove the bumper. So let’s go and get started the first thing on do. Yeah you’re flat head screwdriver or some kind of pry tool. And remove the cover on top of her and. Okay. It’s a flat head screwdriver be careful not scratch up the pain of plastic owner Bob of it army girl and stick it under here. They’re gonna pop up. Pop it off like that. Careful not to break it. And what you have is this so. The first thing I wanted to move this. Okay next was Unidos grab here Phillips head screwdriver. It really helps to have a. A long one like this to get to some of this curious because you can have about 7 Phillips head screws. To remove. On your grill.

2006 honda crv headlight bulbYou can have one here to. Curry for down here. If you see this whole right here. It won’t eat side of the. Of this piece of the. From the car there’s a screw down in here. So he got one on each side and you got where your mujer trim piece. There’s gonna be one right here is to go into those. Okay gas once you have all. Actually you only need to remove 5 movies. To write down here in this hole on each side. If you just loosen them about through the returns. I’ll go ahead and say what happens. Once you have lawyers who’s out. Your girls is gonna pull straight out. You can see right here nominated justice. Liz screws the ones there through the holes. Your grill. On this clipper here you should just be able to pull it right out instead of taking that screw off so go ahead and do that roku come right off. But the next thing you do is remove the ball for the first step in that is to remove up 5 clips. They’re run along the top of the bumper. Home so my advice to you is get some pitcher of beer blaster W. 40. Well I. Code inside here just so that’ll come out easier you will snap peas off they will snap. A special these older cars. So go and get a flat head screwdriver.

And then what you gonna do after you spray that let it sit and get a flat and pop is up in this is gonna pop up. And once you have those popped up they should pull right out. Okay guy who’s sure one of those clips look like. When she gets here. Flat head up under here. Just gonna pop up. And you should better pull that right out of the location. But putting that penetrate on here will help a lot because it’s gonna keep that from snapping out of there and snapping. And I’d just go in spring someone there to help out. Okay. The next thing you wanna do is you’re gonna have to Phillips head screws on each side of the underside of the bumper. One is right here. Yeah I don’t know the exact same place on the other side this is the passenger side. And 100 year. Home. Right here is the other one. So as soon to do is go in and remove both sides those. Paris finally what you want is to. Timidly 10 millimeter bolts. Holding the from upper left on here. This one. And right here. This is right on your front bumper. So go and remove those. Okay next thing you do just for the bumper out. Homes come here after a little bit around right around the wheel well on this side and the other side. So just kind of pull out a little bit and it is it’ll pull right off. Here’s the bumper.

It’s not too bad you really can do this in about 5 minutes. It’s so simple. So let’s go ahead and. To changing the headlights. Hi nice therein do. As remove the 2006 Honda crv headlight. It’s only her own for 10 millimeter bolts. So what you’re gonna want to do is remove all 4 got one here on the side. 2 on top. Then this one right here you go out there and move it. Le go and read up as high as we can go. Stop very sexy sly Bowles who’s gonna fly so go in and remove your fasteners. Okay which of those 3 bolts removed. And the additional ball loosened. There underneath your headline on each side. It’s going to be a 10 millimeter full right here. And that’s gonna be or your mobile mounts. Go ahead and loosen that certain slot announce who you little bit extra play. When you go to get the hell out of Camille little bit tied to go and. To deny your 2006 Honda crv headlight bulb with a little bit massaging will come out. Last thing you do is you have 3 connectors your turn signals. Your headlights.

In the parking lamps so what you want to do is. Twist news out. Pull it out like that. A little. And then you’re gonna pull this rubber cover over. So personable this plug out pulls right out like that. Narrator here you got a rubber cover. And their headlights inside there so. That’s pretty much it for the removal. Insulation is upset over rule. Here is the finished product. A post a link in the description to where I got these others bought off eBay I think they were. Send $5 for the pair they’re not OEM but they’re really good quality looking. So it was great. Really didn’t have any issue with him at all. Stars longevity will have to say and I’ll revisit this if there’s an issue with quality. Sports league is your. Our long term damage. From whatever home. Yeah close great hope you guys enjoyed post any questions in the comments below and thanks for watching. Here is a comparison of the new. Verses the old. Huge improve difference.